About Us

We are an electronics and software company specialising in the design and manufacture of LED and LCD displays, voice announcers and associated components for the lift/elevator industry.

We offer a comprehensive, diverse and exciting standard product range, which is complimented by our bespoke design service aimed at creating components tailored to meet individual customer requirements.

All of which is reinforced by an ISO9001 certified quality system and a highly regarded customer support service.

History, Innovation...

The company was formed in 1989, amalgamating a wealth of lift/elevator installation, design and manufacturing experience with modern electronic and software ideas.

1989: Our initial product concept was to provide a floor indication system that would fit to any lift/elevator control system. By focusing our attention on reducing the site wiring associated with indicator installation and utilising the flexibility and reliability of the microprocessor, we introduced a range of serially networked dot matrix LED displays, which were site configurable via a Control Unit, installed in the lift motor room.

1991: Introduction of our serially networked voice announcer, which used studio recorded actors' voices for clear announcement of lift location and operation. It connected onto the same network as the display units and was configured, alongside the displays, via the same Control Unit.

1995: Introduced our Multi-Function Speech Unit (MFSP24-g); our first combined voice announcer and indicator control unit. Due to the clarity of its voice announcements and the time saving benefits of installing a single part to control voice and indication, it quickly became our core product and an industry benchmark.

1995: Showcased our first large screen TFT-LCD display. The product utilised a Toshiba 7.8" LCD display screen operating under Microsoft DOS. It was very basic by today's standards, but it offered a clear, colourful way of presenting lift information, company logos and rudimentary advertising.

1999: Asked to develop a blue dot matrix display, as a special project for the lifts being installed in a major London night club, equipping itself for the millennium celebrations. The blue dot matrix displays, when coupled together with the unique voice recordings, played back through our voice announcers, and variable colour cab lighting, provided an innovative experience for the millennium party-goers.

2002: Embarked upon the design and introduction of our Slim-line displays product range. The idea behind which, was to provide display products that would be surface mounted, providing positional flexibility and ease of installation when complying to the recently introduced EN81-70's (European standard for disability access to lifts: DDA) installation positioning requirements.

2007: Showcased our Compact TFT-LCD displays at Lift ex 2007 in London. These new display products combined Hitachi TFT screens with a standard graphics processor and microcontroller, running our own operating software. They: looked great, had DDA compliant 160 degree viewing angles, were compact in design, connected to our existing serial network, were uncomplicated....they were the future in lift/elevator display technology.

2010: Introduction of our next generation of Large TFT-LCD displays. All are multi-media enabled, content and configuration can be carried out on site or from a remote location.

2013: Development of our Extended TFT-LCD displays. These products are designed around the newly emerging wide format LCD screen technologies. Our first product uses a 16:2.2 ratio, super-long 37" display, with 1920x268 resolution and LED backlight at 1000nits

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